Walk Behind Floor Scrubber

Walk Behind Floor Scrubber – The New Mop and Bucket

A walk behind floor scrubber is easily the best tool you can have if you have to clean hard surface floors. These very useful machines all but eliminate the back breaking work of mopping floors. The best part is, they clean floor better than any mop could!

Walk Behind Floor Scrubber and Back Pain

Anyone who has spent time mopping floors knows that it is a physically draining job. In fact, mopping a floor is one of the worst actions for your back. The twisting and lifting put unusual strain on the lower back. I know I have had more than my share of back aches from mopping.

Luckily, using a walk behind floor scrubber can take all of that away. These amazing cleaning machines make floor cleaning so much easier and productive.

How Walk Behind Floor Scrubber Works

Unlike mopping, many of the motions that you have to make during cleaning are automatically done by the scrubber. There are 3 main tasks that a walk behind floor scrubber perform.

Solution Application

Walk behind floor scrubbers have a clean solution tank that feeds the scrub head. Always applying clean solution to the floor, this task allows you to use a specific amount of liquid to clean the floor. Since it is always clean water, you are never cleaning with dirty water, as you would when mopping.

Floor Agitation

The scrub head works with the cleaning solution to agitate the soils on the floor. This suspends them in the solution making them easier to remove. Using a mechanical scrubbing action makes for more consistent cleaning and keeps the operator from manually scrubbing.

Solution Recovery

Using a squeegee behind the scrub head, a vacuum system sucks up the dirty liquid. The floor is left clean and dry.

How Much Dirt Does A Walk Behind Floor Scrubber Recover?

The 3 actions of a walk behind floor scrubber make it possible to recover as much as 95% of the dirt on a floor. The constancy of the solution application and floor agitation make it far superior to mopping. And since the dirty solution is pretty much completely recovered, there is very little dirt left behind.

There is no question that a walk behind floor scrubber is much more efficient than mopping. The only issue is that you are not using one to clean your floors!