Industrial Floor Scrubber

Industrial Floor Scrubber


The floors in a shop can be difficult to keep clean. Depending on what kind of shop you are working in, there are any number of problems that can cause the floor to be dirty, slippery or even sticky. Using a industrial floor scrubber can make your life much easier, save a lot of time and help keep yourself and others safe.

In the floor care market today there are many manufacturers making scrubbers and each brand has its own set of unique selling points and feature sets. But keep in mind, these aren’t your kitchen Bissell, they are meant for hard work. The bigger brand names have a range of different types of floor scrubbers specifically designed for differing flooring care requirements.

Types of Industrial Floor Cleaning Machines:

Electric Floor Scrubber – A number of smaller machine models have been designed for easy use and low maintenance. Because they use an power cord, there is no limit to the run time. Your only limit is the length of you cord. Electric scrubbers clean floors by dispensing water/cleaning solution, agitating the floor and vacuuming up the dirty water. This leaves the surface safe and dry. These are ideal for small to medium garages, workshops and storage areas. They are light weight, easy to maneuver and do just as good of a job as the larger battery powered models. Typically these are disk style machines that can use either a pad or brush. Because there are no batteries, these are the least expensive option for floor cleaning machines. Below are the times it makes sense to buy an electric machine:

  • Small to medium areas
  • Infrequent Cleaning
  • Lower Cost Option
  • Easier Use and Maintenance Needed
  • Storage Space is Limited

Battery Powered Scrubbers – As well as being convenient without cords, battery powered floor units are able to be used in larger areas and work great for remote areas of your facility. Using a large battery system, they are able to perform all of the duties needed to clean a floor. They apply cleaning solution, use a brush or pad to scrub the floor and have an on-board vacuum system to retrieve the dirty water. The battery systems vary as to how long they will power the machine. The cost of battery scrubbers is quite a bit more than electric. This is due to the added expense of the batteries themselves. But when a cord is not a viable option, battery scrubbers are the best choice and the most popular.

Cylindrical Machines – Cylindrical brushes are also a good option, which enable them to operate right up to the edge of walls and baseboards. Many cylindrical scrubbers also can be used to pick up larger debris. They have a tray in which the brushes deposit larger pieces. This eliminates the need for sweeping prior to cleaning. Machines with this wide brush tend to be the smaller machines which have been developed to fit into small inaccessible areas that larger machines are unable to operate in. Cylindrical machines are best when:

  • Rough Surfaces
  • Large metal or wood debris
  • Grouted Tile
  • Slip Resistant
  • Unsealed Concrete

industrial floor cleanerRide-on Floor Scrubber – Some larger floor scrubbing machines have been designed to carry the operator and are classed as ‘ride-on‘. Typically the operator is provided a comfortable but simple seat along with easy to use operational controls and steering. Don’t worry about traction. Ride-on machines work great on wet floors as they have the added weight of the driver as well as the machine they are surprisingly good on wet conditions. Consider a ride-on machine when: You have a large shop area to keep clean. There is limited cleaning time and the job must get done quickly. Be aware though, the price is typically double the cost of a walk behind. This can easily be justified by the time saved.