floor scrubber batteries

Understanding Floor Scrubber Batteries

At the heart of most floor scrubbers is a battery. This is what makes a floor scrubber so versatile. With the ability to continuously clean open spaces without worrying about where the next outlet is, lets you focus on the getting the floor clean. The traditional type of battery used in these machines is the deep cycle, lead acid battery. These allow for relatively long run time. But there is some maintenance required to ensure that you get the the most from your floor scrubber batteries.

Understanding Floor Scrubber Batteries

The process of charging lead acid batteries heats up the fluid inside the battery. This returns the electrons to the plates. Batteries have a limited number of times the components can go through this process.  When a battery is discharged and then connected to the charger, it is referred to as a Charging Cycle. Every time floor scrubber batteries are connected to the charger, it uses 1 charging cycle. This counts whether the battery is fully discharged when connected or not fully charged when it is disconnected.

Getting the Most From Your Batteries

To get the most life from your floor scrubber batteries, it is best to run the scrubber until it indicates that it needs to be charged. Then, allowed to fully recharge before using again. Many try to opportunity charge their scrubbers over a break to “top them off” expecting to get more run time from them. This uses the same “1 cycle” that charging the scrubber over night would use. While short cycle charging is some times required, it should be avoided when ever possible.

The most important thing to extend the life of a floor scrubber battery is remembering to check and add water on a regular basis. It’s best to check daily, but never more than once per week. Using distilled water, add enough to cover the plates. These are visible through the fill opening on top of the battery. Do not check the water level right before or during the charging cycle. Heating will cause the water to expand and can over flow. It is best to top off the battery before using.

If the water level in a battery goes too low, it can cause shorter run time or even require replacement. Even brand new batteries can be permanently damaged if the allowed to run dry. This is why it is important to stay on top of checking them often.

How Long Should Floor Scrubber Battery Run?

Floor Scrubber battery run time can vary, depending on many things. Different brands, sizes and configurations of batteries as well as types and models of floor scrubbers can add to or reduce the run time. Most floor scrubbers can be expected to run 2-4 hours on a full charge. The amount of down pressure, floor surface and type of pad or brush can also have an effect on this, though. Rougher floors such as concrete will use battery charge much faster than a smooth tile floor.

Over time, you may also notice that batteries don’t last as long before need to be charged. This can indicate they are nearing the end of the usable life.

When it comes to charging, most floor scrubber batteries will require double the run time to fully recharge. In other words, if a scrubber runs for 4 hours, it will take 8 hours for the charging cycle to complete the process.

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