Floor Scrubber Head Types

Automatic Floor Scrubber Head Types

Over the years, the automatic floor scrubber head types have evolved. The scrub head is where the work really gets done. The most common scrubber head types are disk, cylindrical, and square oscillating. Each can be very useful when it comes to getting a floor clean, but depending on what type of floor you need to clean, selecting the right one can make the task much easier.

Disk Automatic Scrubber

Disk Floor Scrubber HeadThe disk scrub head is the most common type. This traditional style consists of either a single or double rotating disk that uses a floor pad or brush to agitate the dirt on the floor. Because of the wide variety of pads and brushes available, disk floor scrubbers can be used for general cleaning, deep scrubbing and even stripping floors. Floor pads can be easily replaced and are relatively inexpensive.

Brushes are also an option and have many different uses. A brush is a good option when cleaning uneven surfaces such as ceramic tile or concrete. The bristles can get down into the dynamic surface better than a flat pad. Brushes do tend to be more pricey up front, but last a lot longer than pads.

Cylindrical Automatic Scrubbers

Cylindrical Floor Scrubber HeadA cylindrical floor scrubber head is another option on for your automatic scrubber. These usually have a cylindrical brush that sits horizontally under the machine. Because the brush rotates down toward the floor rather than across the surface, as with the disk, these make a good option for uneven surfaces. Many of these have 2 brushes that counter rotate so that they can get into grout lines from multiple directions. Because the brushes are usually very durable, they tend to last.

Multiple brush types make it possible for cylindrical floor scrubbers to clean many types of rough surface floors. Stiff brushes are a good option for rough concrete and grouted floors. Softer brushes work well to clean rubber floors, textured tile and even synthetic rubber athletic floors.

Square Oscillating Scrubbers

Square Floor Scrubber HeadThese fairly new type of square scrubbers are making a big impact on the floor care industry. When used with a special stripping pad, square scrubber heads are able to strip floor finish from a floor with out using a chemical floor stripper.

They also work great for cleaning vinyl tile floors regularly. The standard types of floor pads, such as red, white, blue and black are available in the square format. Because these scrubber heads oscillate very quickly, they apply more agitation to the floor and thus more cleaning power. There are square pad-like brushes available that can make cleaning grouted tile and other dynamic surfaces possible.

Like any tool, choosing the right floor scrubber head depends on the job that needs to be done. Evaluating the types of floors to be cleaned will help with making the best decision for your facility.