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Garage Floor Scrubbers That Keep Your Garage Cleaner

Do you need a garage floor scrubber? If you use your garage like I do, then the answer is probably ‘yes’. The home garage has evolved into a place for a lot more than just a place to park a car. I know mine is a work shop, entertainment center, gardening hub, storage and even a 2nd kitchen at times. Because we do a lot more with and spend a lot more time in our garages, they need to be cleaned more often. 

Cleaning Garage Floors

There are a couple types of surfaces you might find on garage floors. How you clean them may differ some, but for most a floor scrubber is the best way to clean your garage floor.

Bare Concrete Garage Floor Cleaning

small garage floor scrubberThe most common is probably bare concrete. This is one of the most challenging garage floor types to clean. Bare concrete is like a sponge. It will soak up and hold grease, oil and paint. Because of this many homeowners chose to seal or coat their garage floor.

Before using a floor scrubber to clean a bare concrete floor, you need to address any stains. Stains from oil and grease can be removed by using a degreaser chemical to loosen up the stain. Do this by spraying the chemical on the stain and scrubbing it with a stiff brush. You may have to do this several times to completely remove it.

After the stains have been removed or reduced, simply fill the floor scrubber with a diluted chemical and water. Depending on the roughness of the surface, you may need to use either a brush or a pad for scrubbing. A brush will be for rough floors and a pad will be for smoother floors. If you do use a pad, either a red or blue pad will work best.

Epoxy Garage Floor Cleaning With A Floor Scrubber

Epoxy garage floor coatings are very popular. They look great and make the floor much easier to clean. Many will chose to use a mop and bucket or even just hose the floor down. These methods do work, but when you use a floor scrubber, there is a lot less mess to clean up afterward and the floor is perfectly clean and dry.

A neutral floor cleaner will be the best option to use with the floor scrubber. If there is a lot of grease or oil, a degreaser may also be needed. Just make sure to check with the epoxy floor coating manufacturer for recommendations that will not damage the coating.

Unless the epoxy coating has a very rough texture, a red pad will work best. If the texture is very course, a soft brush may be a better option.

Cleaning A Sealed Garage Floor With A Floor Scrubber

micro garage floor scrubberSealed concrete is different from epoxy. Epoxy coatings cover and sit on top of the concrete. This is how they protect the floor so well. Concrete sealers soak into the pores of the concrete and seal the floor smooth. While they do protect the floor from staining, they are not as impermeable as epoxy. Some heavy stains will soak in. If this is the case, using a degreaser is the best option. Just be sure to not let the chemical sit too long as it may degrade the sealer.

Once the stains are removes, you can clean the garage floor with a floor scrubber. A neutral floor cleaner is the best option but a mild degreaser might also be needed.

For sealed concrete garage floors, us a red pad.

Sweeping Your Garage Floor

electric garage floor scrubberIt is a good idea to sweep your garage floor before using a floor scrubber. Removing debris will keep the scrubber from scratching the surface or causing damage to the machine.

If you don’t like sweeping (Like me) you can also vacuum the garage floor. I use a back pack vacuum to remove small rocks, dust and the occasional screw or nail. Back pack vacuums also work well for getting those cobwebs up in the ceiling corners as well!

What Size Garage Floor Scrubber Do I Need?

For most garages, a small, 18-24″ floor scrubber will work best. Because most garages have sufficient electrical service and ample outlets, I like the cord electric models. These keep you from dealing with batteries and they work just as well. Plug them in. Fill them up. And start scrubbing.

Keeping your garage floor clean is not as difficult as you may think. With a garage floor scrubber, you will be protecting your floor and controlling dust. Don’t just use your garage for parking cars. Keep it clean and you will find many other uses for it!