what is a floor scrubber

Floor Scrubbers – The 2 General Types

In the floor care world, one of the most important tools are floor scrubbers. These essential floor care tools not only make the the work easier, but they allow for all types of hard surface floors to last longer and be much cleaner.

What is a Floor Scrubber?

The term “floor scrubber” can be applied to a couple of different types of machines. Technically, any machine that uses movement to loosen soils from a floors surface, can be called a floor machine, but there are some standards in the cleaning world.

Single-Disk Rotary Floor Scrubbers

Single Disk Rotary Floor ScrubbersSingle-disk rotary floor scrubbers are very useful tools. They have been a staple in the industry since the early 1900’s. These consist of a motor that spins a circular disk that can be either a floor pad or a brush. The pad speed is usually 170 rpm, but they can be as much as 500 rpm. They have a handle that extends from the base that has a switch build in to turn the machine on and off. The majority of these machines are corded, but there are some that use batteries.

Single disk rotary floor machines have many uses. Beyond just scrubbing the floor, they have many other uses.

  • Stripping vinyl floors
  • Polishing or Buffing VCT floor finish
  • Sanding wood floors
  • Carpet cleaning with a bonnet

It is also possible to scarify concrete using a specialized attachment.

Automatic Floor Scrubbers

What are automatic floor scrubbers?Automatic floor scrubbers are used specifically for cleaning floors. More than the single disk rotary scrubbers, they have an on-board cleaning solution tank that dispenses the cleaning chemical and/or water to a scrub head. A key feature is that auto-scrubbers have a dirty water recovery system. A squeegee and vacuum system removes the dirty water immediately from the floor.

Using an automatic scrubber makes cleaning floors easier. By simply walking behind or riding the machine, the floor is scrubbed, the cleaning solution is dispensed and recovered all in one single pass.

Clean water is always being applied and the dirty water is removed. This makes cleaning floors with an automatic floor scrubber much more efficient than using a mop and bucket.

Floor scrubbers are amazing tools for maintaining floors. Finding the right one for your facility can make a huge difference in the life and appearance of floors.