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When it comes to keeping your shop floors clean, there is not better option that a floor scrubber. These awesome tools make keeping your floor safe, clean and shiny! Sticky floors are no problem for a floor scrubber. Learn how they work and where you can get yours!

Understanding Floor Scrubber Batteries

At the heart of most floor scrubbers is a battery. This is what makes a floor scrubber so versatile. With the ability to continuously clean open spaces without worrying about where the next outlet is, lets you focus on the getting the floor clean. The traditional type of battery used in these machines is the […]

Floor Scrubbers – The 2 General Types

In the floor care world, one of the most important tools are floor scrubbers. These essential floor care tools not only make the the work easier, but they allow for all types of hard surface floors to last longer and be much cleaner. What is a Floor Scrubber? The term “floor scrubber” can be applied to a […]